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Growing up, I was always interested in anything electronic, especially radio communications. I found myself getting in trouble a lot for taking apart electronics as a kid.

In 1997, I joined the Civil Air Patrol and later joined another search and rescue program. At the time, I was interested in radio operations, but without the internet or the YouTube we have now, I had no real way of researching the topic I was interested in.

I remember buying a set of GMRS radios in the famous "bubble pack" and later buying my first "ham" style radio, an Alinco, from eBay. I bought the Alinco radio because someone in the search and rescue program mentioned that the radio could be "modded" to have an extended transmit frequency range, and Civil Air Patrol was included in that range. I bought the radio and used it briefly, but mainly for scanning bands. I also ended up buying a scanner from Radio Shack. It was interesting that I could scan in the 900 MHz band and pick up the one-way transmission from my house cordless phone to its base.

In 2004, I began my career in law enforcement and picked up several hobbies after that. I bought, rode, and sold several motorcycles and built some vehicles along the way. I acquired a bunch of tools, mig/tig welders, and even a CNC plasma table. I have also built some gaming and streaming computers.

Almost 20 years later, ham radio sparked my interest again. I did some research and found a "Hamcram" event that was fairly local. I went there, tested, and passed my technician exam in 2023.

Since obtaining my license, I have been down the rabbit hole with buying equipment and researching everything about the hobby. I'm highly interested in the digital aspects of ham radio and am here to learn and share my experiences.

"The best way to learn is to teach somebody else."

Take a look at my Instagram "TacticalMHz" and my blog to see my current projects!

My Radio Journey

From my early days in the Civil Air Patrol to my current role as a police sergeant involved in emergency services, radio operations have always captivated me. With my amateur radio license, I'm excited to dive deeper into this hobby and see what it has to offer.

Discover the Possibilities

Ham radio opens up a world of possibilities for communication, exploration, and experimentation. Whether you're interested in connecting with fellow enthusiasts, participating in emergency communications, or tinkering with radio equipment, this hobby offers endless opportunities to learn and grow.

Connecting the world through ham radio

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